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We are your lubricant specialists

We not only offer standard lubricants, but also special products for the highest requirement profiles. In addition to the mineral oil-based grades, there are the biodegradable lubricants based on natural oils and synthetic esters as well as sophisticated synthetic lubricants.

Constant worldwide contacts with machine and motor manufacturers ensure the safety of the devices and the optimum effectiveness in the application. Manufacturer approvals of our products prove the quality. So our products correspond to the required qualities of e.g. Daimler, MAN, ZF and many other manufacturers for many years. Recommendations from renowned international manufacturers for the use of our products have stood for quality for decades.

Leprinxol today produces and sells aound 600 different products that meet all the major requirements of industry and commerce. Our manufacturing plants are certified to ISO 14001, DIN / ISO 9001 and ISO / TS 16949. Petro-Canada is the world's first lubricant manufacturer to comply with this new standard. This new worldwide standard replaces ISO 9000 (certification in March 1997); It was designed for external suppliers to the automotive industry.

EELQMS und GVOe Logo

As a signatory, we are committed to the European engine lubrication quality management system, that supports ACEA performance claims.

Through our licensing partnership with GVÖ, we guarantee the proper and gratuitous recycling of empty containers.

Quality has been our challenge for decades!
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