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Leprinxol Myagro 10W-30 STOU

Leprinxol Myagro 10W-30 is a universal oil (STOU= Super Tractor Oil Universal) that has been specifically developed for agricultural machinery. It is ideal for agricultural machinery and combines the properties of an outstanding engine oil with the requirements of various tractor specifications for manual and axle gearboxes, hydraulic systems, turbo couplings and oil immersed brakes (wet brakes).


Leprinxol Myagro Semi Synth 10W-40
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5. Myagro Semi Synth 10W 40

This multifunctional lubricant (a so-called Super Tractor Oil Universal = STOU) has been developed to achieve one single lubricating oil that is able to lubricate:

• gasoline engines
• diesel engines (with or without turbo-charging)
• transmissions (also "wet" brakes)
• hydraulic systems

Leprinxol Fluid SDF 10W-30 UTTO
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A sophisticated multi-purpose oil (UTTO = Universal Tractor Transmission Oil) which is particularly suitable for forestry and agricultural machinery. It combines the requirements of modern combinated drive systems (transmission and hydraulics) including wet brakes. It is therefore a wear-preventative, oxidationstable special transmission and hydraulic oil with a multi-grade character.