Моторные масла ATF

Leprinxol Matic Multi Synth ATF

Matic Multi Synth ATF Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is our best multi-vehicle ATF. This full synthetic formulation offers true multivehicle performance, outstanding wear protection, and exceptional fluid life.

Matic Multi Synth ATF provides the frictional properties, wear protection and viscometrics needed by most major North American, Asian, and European automatic transmissions. It is specially formulated to provide consistent shift feel and transmission protection over a long fluid life. Matic Multi Synth ATF’s benefits include excellent oxidation and shear stability, outstanding wear protection, and exceptional low temperature fluidity. It also provides industry leading anti-shudder durability (ASD) and frictional stability; exceeding the performance of many genuine OEM fluids.

The product uses crystal clear synthetic base oils. Due to its leading additive technology, Matic Multi Synth ATF can retain the properties of a "fresh oil" over a longer period of time, thereby delivering superior performance and superior savings. It also provides savings through inventory consolidation by offering true multi-vehicle performance.


Leprinxol MATIC III
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Lep Matic III 1L AL

Leprinxol Matic III is an automatic transmission fluid that demonstrates exceptional oxidation and thermal stability, giving extremely long service life. This provides you with an automatic transmission fluid with longer service life thereby increasing your productivity due to less maintenance downtime and avoidance of costly transmission repair bills.

• Exceptional oxidation and thermal stability giving you a fluid that stays like new longer
• Outstanding fluidity at low temperatures
• Superior anti-wear protection
• Optimized frictional properties
• red coloured/undyed

Leprinxol ATF VI
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Leprinxol Matic VI may be used for automatic gear boxes, power steering units, torque converters and other equipment, for which an ATF is required, which exceeds ATF Dexron III and II. Its special composition causes a longer lifetime of this liquid compared with older Dexron types. This product cannot be used in DCT's and CVT's or when an oil with the Ford Type F/G specification is recommended.