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Leprinxol Gear EP 80W-90

Gear EP 80W-90 is made from carefully chosen base oils and additives. The EP additives contained in the gear oil form a load-bearing lubricant film between the tooth flanks when the gears intermesh. This layer reduces abrasion on the tooth flanks during movement of the gears under high mechanical load. The gear oil is extremely ageing resistant, even under high thermal load. The good low-temperature viscosity is achieved through the high degree of refining of the base oil and the added flow improver. The gear oil contains highly effective active agents that suppress foaming and protect the lubricated machine parts against damage from corrosion. Gear EP 80W-90 does not cause damage to conventionalsealing materials. It is recommended for use in manual transmissions, steering gears and axle drives in motor and commercial vehicles (not suitable for hypoid gears).


Leprinxol Gear AB EP 80W-90 LS
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This is a mineral lubricating oil for mechanical transmissions, formulated with high quality solvent refined base oils and special EP-additives to obtain the following properties:

• an excellent resistance against oxidation
• a very high activity against wear, corrosion and foam
• a low pour point
• very good EP-properties
• excellent “Limited Slip“ properties

Leprinxol Gear ZF 80W-90
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High quality automotive gearbox oil for highest stresses. Strictly recommended for use in axle drives with hypoid gearing.

Leprinxol Gear Synth SXLB 75W-90
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Leprinxol Gear Synth SXLB 75W-90 is a fully synthetic multi grade low friction gearbox oil. According to manufacturer recommendations, this gear oil is to be used all over the year in all gear boxes, in particular manual transmissions, hypoid gearboxes, transaxle-systems and any side-gears. TDL-Gear oil (total drive line) meets all lubrication requirements of modern commercial vehicles for the total power transmissions system. As result of its fully synthetic base oil, together with high-tech additives, Leprinxol Gear Synth SXLB 75W-90 guarantees excellent viscosity and temperature stability over long periods, essantie together with an increased low stability and wear reduction.

Leprinxol Gear ZF GL 5 85W-140
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Multi-grade hypoid gearbox oil with the highest stability and oxidation resistance whose EP-additives provide a constant film of lubricant and prevent wear even under the highest load and high slip ability of the tooth flanks. Mainly used for heavy-loaded hypoid gearboxes under extreme operating conditions, in particular when dynamic loads occur. The ideal gearbox oil for rear-axle compensation and differential gears.